The Customer Engagement Platform Built Exclusively for Gaming Marketing


Focus on building a strong engagement strategy to increase loyalty of your players. Create personalized interactions across various platforms and move your audience from being a lead into being the biggest brand advocates to your gaming experience.

Ominichannel Experience

FOCUS on building a Strong relationship between you and your players by delivering a consistently outstanding experience throughout all channels and platforms. Holistically engage players by creating a personalized journey, make them feel appreciated and improve your rate of retention. Omnichannel marketing helps make a player's journey effortless and therefore leads to an increase in loyalty, sales and brand awareness.


To deliver excellent service, you ought to know your players and what they are looking for. Gather all the data from every touchpoint your player comes across, analyse the data and segment your users according to their needs, behaviours, demographics, goals or preferences. Drive sales and thereby revenue by implementing targeted marketing which iS highly effective when automated and personalised to deliver content to your players to create a connection with every one of them.

Real-time Analytics

Gather real-time data on players activities, analyse information gathered which will lead you to improve your gaming design, marketing techniques and fix errors almost immediately. Real-time analytics helps to segment players, to craft and deliver an experience tailored for each segment uniquely. Results obtained from analysing millions of players behaviour would lead to the constant improvement Of the game, which will eventually increase players engagement time, thus keeping you on top of your game.

Messaging Channel

Reach both your inactive and active players with relevant messages on their most preferred communication channel using text, email, push or in-app services, boost their awareness and stimulate your players to have positive gaming experience.lnteract with gamers consistently across all touchpoints of their journey using real-time engagement and automated marketing campaigns.


To pique the interest of players, your content must be targeted towards the personal interest, actions and preferences. Using automation collecting real-time information of your players as well as when and where are they engaging with your content will illuminate a marketers strategy to individualisation.


Integrate your processes to create a series of workflow that enhances the attention of your gamers. Empowered by automation create, develop and deliver products to your gamers by utilizing the best resources and in the shortest time.

Compaign Optimisation

The most crucial part of a marketing campaign is its content. The right information at the right time to your targeted audience will gain more views. Use A/B testing to find the best content that would capture your player's attention while you can use intelligent delivery to send your campaigns at the optimal moment when every member of your audience is most likely to read and engage.

Behavioural Targeting

It is a powerful tool that helps a business to understand better the needs of their target audience and meet them while achieving their goals and increasing ROI. Turn your gamers actions into personalised marketing by using data to build a combination of segments and send them more relevant campaigns that not only benefit your business, but gamers themselves can reap the rewards as well.

OptiKPI experience

With the gaming industry growing exponentially, we created OptiKPl - a solution that is user friendly, intuitive and with the latest marketing technology - bringing together business intelligence, automation, orchestration, omni-channel marketing and much more. OptiKPl will not only help you achieve your goals by supporting your overall marketing strategy but also give your players the value beyond expectations.